InnuScience has since its creation in 1992 dedicated its life to changing the way the world cleans in the professional market. Using unique, patented formulations and biotechnological know how, it has developed a broad range of products to cover every market sector from food service and hospitality, to commercial cleaning, transportation and water treatment. To find out more, contact us today.

Biotechnology-based product for organic matter control in fish tanks and ponds

Biotechnology-based product for ammonia and nitrites removal

Biotechnology-based pre-summer water conditioner for natural and decorative ponds

Biotechnology-based pre-winter water conditioner for natural and decorative ponds

Cleaner and disinfectant

Disinfectant no rinse sanitizer

No rinse food contact surface sanitizer ready to use

Biotechnological odour eliminator

Cleaner and super degreaser

Specialised cleaner for vehicle exteriors

Calcium remover and cleaner for floors and carpets

Scrub free cleaner for soap scums and scale residues

Odour purifier with cleaning action

Hard water detergent for commercial dishwashers

Soft water detergent for commercial dishwasher

Rince aid for commercial dishwashers

Concentrated soaking solution for dishes

Concentrated handwashing detergent for pots and pans

Handwashing detergent for dishes

Concentrated fabric softner for laundry

Neutral laundry detergent high efficiency (HE) and traditional

Detergent for Microfibre Textile Cleaning

Ideal for removing dirt, light graffiti, grease and oil stains.

15/Hybrid Floor Spray Buff with Bio-Elastomer 15

Ecological floor stripper

Power degreaser for range hood filters

Drains and piping treatment

Ready-to-use eco-degreaser

Industrial power degreaser

Cleaner and power degreaser for kitchen floors

Industrial Hand Soap

Hand soap - moisturizing emollient gel

Hand soap - moisturizing emollient gel

Spotter, carpet and fabric cleaner with odor control

All surface cleaner and super-degreaser

Cleaner and degreaser for the food processing industry

Degreaser for brakes, parts and parts washers.

All surfaces restroom and windows cleaner.

Heavy duty eco-degreaser

Cleaner for floors and surfaces

Hybrid floor finish with Bio-Elastomers 10

Hybrid floor finish with Bio-Elastomers 20

Foul odor elimination (garbage containers - garbage - parkings)

Foul odor eliminator

Cleaner and descaler

Eco-Friendly Industrial HP Cleaner

Specialised cleaner for vehicle interiors

Treatment for septic tanks and chemical toilets

Super Floor Spray Buff

For urine odor elimination

Eco-friendly heavy-duty multipurpose degreaser

Concentrated grease trap treatment

Eco-friendly ready-to-use multipurpose descaler

Graffiti remover for hard, smooth surfaces

Grease trap treatment

Treatment for prevention or elimination of H₂S

Cleaner and super degreaser for hood vents