Biotechnology-based product for organic matter control in fish tanks and ponds

A bacteria based product designed to improve water quality  and improve the degradation of organic waste and reduce the volume of sludge.
Nu-Aqua C features a blend of bacterial strains isolated from natural aquatic environments to efficiently degrade organic matter present in sludge and artificial ecosystems.

When introduced into the environment, Nu-Aqua CTM bacteria activate and establish themselves and start breaking down organic matter. Uneaten fish food, plant debris and fish waste are excellent fuels for the Nu-Aqua C bacteria.

• Naturally selected bacterial strains
• Highly adaptable and stable
• Free of chemical preservatives and pathogenic contaminants
• Active in freshwater and salt water
• Helps reduce foul odors caused by anoxic conditions
• Naturally clarifies water
• Reduces the risk of sickness and death among fish and plants
• Reduces sludge accumulation