Founded in Canada in 1992, InnuScience is specialized in research and development, as well as manufacturing and production of high performance professional cleaning products. Made up of talented, determined and seasoned professionals, InnuScience’s team is responsible for the growth and global recognition of the company.

Combining innovation, technology and efficiency, InnuScience manages to surpass the highest global standards, by providing biotechnological and ecological professional hygiene cleaning products that are safe, economical and environmental.

InnuScience is present in many countries through its subsidiaries and its distribution network and it is developing successfully (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East).




InnuScience and the Dragonfly.


The Dragonfly.

This famously bold and elusive insect is often directly associated with clean areas in nature. Most prefer to live in a well-balanced ecosystem, residing in water that is not too eutrophic, nor too acidic, and in air quality that is pure. In areas where there is increased human impact, the Dragonflies are then less likely to be seen. A dragonfly is seen as a mark or indicator as to how clean an environment is.


Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chalk-fronted_corporal_(28007754726).jpg


Cleaning, with Nature.

Traditional cleaning products and detergents have a high amount of harsh chemicals that cause damage to the delicate ecosystems in nature. We at InnuScience have endeavored to work with nature, rather than against it. The Biotechnology we use in our products essentially harness the power of nature through living organisms or components of them. These are patented microbial strains, that, together with enzymes and surfactants results in a product that has continuous cleaning action, is pH neutral, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Hallmark of Nature

Our hallmark is a promise that our biotechnologically engineered effective cleaning products are safer for the environment and pledges our commitment to contribute towards a clean and sustainable future. This mark is the embodiment of what the Dragonfly represents. Whenever this hallmark of nature is proudly displayed on our products you can be assured that your purchase meets the highest standard of sustainability, has a reduced impact on climate change and will not harm our earth.

InnuScience, Nature Powered.