Founded in 1992, InnuScience has since inception had a vision to change the way the world cleans, by harnessing the power that nature offers us to replace harmful chemicals, eliminate waste and deliver truly sustainable cleaning solutions.

A leading advocate in the global recognition of biotechnology and sustainable solutions in the cleaning industry, InnuScience makes biotechnology a part of everyday life using products that offer high levels of performance combined with highly sustainable profiles. For over 25 years InnuScience has focused its R&D on the development of a range of sustainable products, driven wherever possible by our unique biotechnology.

What is Biotechnology? Essentially it is the use of living organisms or their components to produce useful usually commercial products. At InnuScience we identify and develop bacterial and enzymatic strains and combine them with surfactants to produce highly concentrated, low classification products that offer excellent cleaning performance and whose biotechnological base provides enhanced residual cleaning properties, especially effective on porous surfaces.

Biotechnological processes are environmentally smart. They involve use of renewable raw materials, which means that we do not have to use crude oil and other fossil raw materials. In addition, it is a natural consequence of the production method that the products become biodegradable and can therefore return to the natural cycle after use. In this way we get sustainable production. The products are usually produced with less energy compared to traditional chemical production, which results in lower emissions of greenhouse gases and thus reduced impact on the climate.