Spotter, carpet and fabric cleaner with odor control

Nu-Karpet Kare is a concentrated biotechnological all in one spotter/ stain remover, carpet and fabric cleaner. It leaves an active bacterial flora that continues to bio-degrade dirt and organic matters, eliminating sources of bad odours.

Ideal for cleaning carpets, area rugs, sofas, car upholstery, curtains and other surfaces covered with fabric or fibres.

Nu-Karpet Kare is Woolsafe approved. It has been tested and certified safe and effective maintenance product for use on all fibres, including wool.

Approved for use on wool carpets and rugs in accordance with the WoolSafe Organisation’s stringent standards.

It is also Cleanseal approved product and a high quality maintenance product approved under the CleanSeal programme for synthetic fibre carpets and rugs.