Biotechnology-based product for ammonia and nitrites removal

AQUA-N is a biotechnology-based product for improving water quality and eliminating the toxic effects of ammonia and nitrites on aquatic life.

  • Features a high-biomass, high-performance nitrifying bacteria consortium that has been developed and enhanced specifically to eliminate ammonia and nitrites in aquatic eco-systems.
  • Actively oxidizes ammonia and nitrites, neutralizing their toxic effect on the aquatic life.
  • Helps maintain a balanced aquatic ecosystem.
  • Contributes positively to the health of aquatic animal and plant life.
  • Reduces the risk of sickness and death among fish and plants.

Can be used to improve water quality in:

  • Decorative ponds
  • Fish tanks
  • Reef tanks
  • Fish farming ponds
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • and any other closed or partially open aquatic environment

AQUA-N accelerates and/or restores nitrification in aquatic environments that are:

  • newly installed
  • stressed
  • very densely populated with aquatic animal life