Environmental certifications




InnuScience products are certified ECOLOGO. The ECOLOGO certification demonstrates InnuScience commitment to provide products that meet the program requirements for quality and environmental performance.
List of InnuScience ECOLOGO products



Ecolabel is one of the worlds most exacting environmental standards. InnuScience has a number of products that are certified, in some cases exceeding the minimum requirement for the certification for example: VOC, CDV, elemental phosphorous, % of aerobically biodegradable organic substances, % of anaerobically biodegradable organic substances.

Ecolabel website


Defra-logoDEFRA Government Buying Standard

Our planet conscious cleaning products complies with the DEFRA Government Buying Standard.

DEFRA government buying standard


BunnyLeaping Bunny: cruelty-free certified

Leaping Bunny website

InnuScience is Cruelty-Free Certified through Leaping Bunny.


Defra-logo EAUC

InnuScience is a Platinum sponsor for the Environmental Association for Universities & Colleges.

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Environmental performance

Sustainable development formulations are composed of restricted, highly controlled, and stringently selected items. Soft chemical ingredients are introduced but at such low concentrations that no significant cleaning activity occurs from their presence. The cleaning activity of the formulation comes from its biological components. All biological agents used in our formulations are produced according to good manufacturing practice (gmp) guidelines and exceed the criteria of all other known certifying bodies.

Our cleaning products are certified by either EU Ecolabel or N American Ecologo, as demonstrated by the flower mark or Ecologo on our products. we hold ourselves to the strictest environmental standards, which we challenge our competitors to emulate, these include:

  • Ultimate biodegradability of over 90% in 14 days and 99% over 28 days, tested according to OECD standards.
  • Absolutely no VOC’s, EDTA, SLS or SLES used in our formulations.
  • Neutral pH levels on all cleaning products.
  • No health warnings beyond eye irritation on our cleaning products.

Is your current supplier of green cleaning products able to meet these standards?
InnuScience’s environmental commitment: leave the smallest ecological footprint.

Every product leaves the mark of its passage on the environment, this is its ecological footprint. this mark can vary from “small” to “huge”. an “eco-friendly” product is one that leaves a small ecological footprint behind.

A product’s ecological footprint starts with its design and continues through its disposal.

The Enviro-Performance™ – sustainable development standard:

  • The art of effective cleaning without compromising the environment.
  • High performance while leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible.
  • Using nature’s power to compensate for chemistry’s weaknesses.
  • Limiting the use of scarce petroleum and plant resources by using biotechnology.
  • Commitment to a policy of environmental quality & total quality.
  • Social commitment to bring change to the cleaning industry, it is the start of meaningful environmental responsibility in the cleaning sector.
  • Striving to exceed the standard set by environmental certification organizations.
  • Always be a step ahead of environmental regulatory requirements.

InnuScience Enviro-Performance™ – sustainable developments are:

Products with a positive eco-balance (to learn more, click here).
The right dose for the smallest ecological footprint possible (to learn more, click here).
Readily biodegradable, according to the most recent EU standards (to learn more, click here).
A vision of sustainability and a unique, innovative approach to the selection of surfactants (to learn more, click here).
Low toxicity (to learn more, click here).
No VOC emissions (to learn more, click here).
Low aquatic toxicity (to learn more, click here).
Phosphate-free products (to learn more, click here).



Woolsafe approved

Nu-Karpet Kare is Woolsafe approved. It has been tested and certified safe and effective maintenance product for use on all fibres, including wool.

Approved for use on wool carpets and rugs in accordance with the WoolSafe Organisation’s stringent standards.



Cleanseal approved

Nu-Karpet Kare is a Cleanseal approved product and a high quality maintenance product approved under the CleanSeal programme for synthetic fibre carpets and rugs.