Thursday, November 30, 2017 – Communication Service


Already registered for their eco-friendly approach for several years, Onet has recently made the use of eco-labeled and biotechnology-based products a priority axis of its cleaning services.

Back on the deployment of this solution, based on the use of quality professional cleaning products and high environmental performance.


Triokleen: A Durable & Performing Combination

 Our CSR teams deployed Innuscience‘s TrioKleen concept in the 180 Onet Propreté et Services agencies. This concept combines the use of three highly concentrated products to accomplish most cleanliness tasks. The products in this range are efficient, eco-labeled, ultra-concentrated, multitasking and respecting the health and safety of all (no volatile organic compounds, no allergens and non-corrosive).


Controlled Dilution and Simplified Procedures

The dilution system has been specially developed for the needs of Onet Clean and Services: the Dilumob. The Dilumob is a dilution station mobilized at the agency or on the customer’s premises. A true mobile bottling station, it is easy to install on our sites and allows optimal dosing while ensuring cost control. This process required the implementation of new tools for cleaners. It offers fast training, ease of use and a safer environment for workers.


An Integrated Logistics Solution, From the Order to the Use of the Product on Site

The products, whose acquisition is centralized by our subsidiary Prodim, a cleaning equipment distribution, are delivered directly to the agencies in ultra-concentrated format. This process simplifies the management of orders, while reducing the frequency of deliveries and the number of references produced. Once in an agency, the bottles are filled directly on the Dilumob. With each new delivery of the products, the empty bottles are recovered for a new filling, significantly reducing the ecological footprint related to the rejection of plastic.


A Global Business Project

This project mobilized many of the group’s skills to provide our customers with an operational, functional and efficient solution. It is part of Onet’s responsible development policy, which is based on four fundamental themes: environmental protection, social equity, social responsibility and economic performance.


Ecovadis Places Onet in the Top 1% and Awards It Gold Status

This global approach made it possible to raise Onet in the top 1% of the suppliers evaluated by Ecovadis on the theme Environment. Ecovadis is a platform for rating the social and environmental performance of global supply chains. It evaluates corporate social responsibility and has awarded Onet Gold status. For all of its shares, Onet is in the TOP 2% of suppliers evaluated by Ecovadis in all categories.