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07Mar 2018


February 13, 2018


To support its customers in their effort to change in favor of sustainable development, Onet has designed a biotechnological cleaning solution.

Since mid-2017, Onet, a French family-run group of international stature and the French leader in the field of hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace, has gradually replaced its chemical cleaning products with biotechnological cleaning products. The effects are immediate for the customers: a guarantee of efficiency and safety for the users, a biodegradability twice as fast, a decrease of the costs related to the discharges of effluents, a simplification of the orders and deliveries.

˂˂ Aware of the ecological, environmental and social challenges facing businesses, we decided to take an additional step and make a strong commitment, in total coherence with the needs and reality of the field of our customers> ˃ explains Thierry Bloyet, Ile-de-France director of Onet.

For companies that want to preserve the health of cleaning agents and ensure a healthier and more reliable work environment for their employees, this development is a real plus. Based on deep strategic thinking, it reduces the chemical effects of “traditional” cleaning products used for cleaning floors, bathrooms and offices.

˂˂ Make a strong commitment, in total coherence with the needs and reality of the field of our customers >>.

More respectful of the environment and the health of usersThis global cleaning solution consists of a range of biotechnological and Ecolabel certified products, a dilution plant and a logistics supply solution. Derived from biotechnological active ingredients, the products offer an absolute guarantee of efficiency and safety for users. Odourless, VOC free, they contain no irritating, carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic substances. Another innovation adopted by its nine Île-de-France agencies, which are now fully equipped: Dilumob, the mobile dilution plant. Created and patented by Onet, it allows to start from a concentrated biotechnological product to obtain an effective and ready-to-use solution. The use of ultra-concentrated products reduces consumption and limits transportation, the disposal of empty cans and CO² emissions.

02Nov 2016

We would like to announce that Daniel Couillard received the great honour to be part of the Cercle des ambassadeurs de l’Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec, the most prestigious school for food service and hospitality in north america!  Congratulations Daniel!


Photo: Left to right, Guy Larivée, président du conseil d’administration de la Fondation de l’ITHQ; L’honorable Liza Frulla, Directrice Générale du conseil d’administration de l’ITHQ; Daniel Couillard, président & cofondateur of InnuScience; Paloma Fernandez, Directrice Générale de la Fondation de l’ITHQ; and Paolo Di Pietrantonio, Président du conseil d’administration de l’ITHQ.

20May 2015
In the latest issue of the prestigious journal Water Front (SIWI – Stockholm International Water Institute, there is an article on using biotechnology as an important solution for reducing the use of chemical products (page 13).
The author who wrote the article is Andreas Lindström with co-authors, none other than Joachim Åhlander and Linda Nordin Rosendahl, our colleagues at InnuScience in Sweden.
Here is the link:
19May 2015
Dans le cadre de sa relation privilégiée avec l’Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) depuis 1997, M. Daniel Couillard, Président et cofondateur d’InnuScience, a eu l’honneur, le 13 mai 2015, de remettre une bourse InnuScience à M. Hugo Sabourin, étudiant finissant du programme “Formation internationale en service et sommellerie de restaurant” 
Cette bourse de 1 000 $ permettra à M. Sabourin de suivre un cours de perfectionnement avancé en sommellerie avant de s’engager définitivement sur le marché du travail.
Toutes nos félicitations à M. Sabourin. Nous lui souhaitons bon succès dans sa nouvelle carrière!